About us

So here you are, on a Russian website, ruki vverh (hands up)!! First of all, what’s up with the name? Well, there are two subtle meanings here:
1) ykitai = Why Kitai (Kitai is China in Russian) = meaning «Why China» or, «Why not China» for that matter
2) «y» is for Yuli, the founder of the whole thing. Deep, I know 8)

We are ex-backpackers who live in China and help build, organize, personalize and execute (not in that sense) your independent trip around China.
The English section of the website is very basic, if you feel that it’s not enough you can either use Google Translate for the rest of the stuff or send me a message below.
Up until now we have translated what we thought would be most useful. Cheers!


By a romantic coincidence our names are Roman and Yuli (aka Julia), however, we prefer tea to poisons and traveling to medieval fights.


As a daughter of an art historian that worked as a tourist guide and an architect that worked as an architect, Yuli tries to divide her time between sketching, traveling and making to-do lists. Roman’s idea of a good time is buying train tickets online,  before and after visiting the office (someone has to work, hasn’t he) and then making lists of names, trips and destinations. In the evenings we sit by a small  TV table with no TV in front, set a Chinese tray for tea ceremony, cups and our tea-dragon Zhuzha, drink oolong and share our lists and tables. As you might have guessed, lists and tables is  what brought us together in the first place. And tea. And passion for travelling around the world — quite a few things, actually.

Both of us were born in the late 70-s in USSR and immigrated to Israel at some point. Yuli was born in St.Petersburg, Russia, moved to Israel at the age of 12, graduated as an Interior designer, have worked in architect firm in Israel for several years,  planned, built models, participated in couple of art shows. Roman was born in Ukraine, moved to Israel at the age of 16, graduated from «Technion»  in Haifa as an industrial engineer, have worked as an SAT teacher for over 10-years. We speak Russian, Hebrew, English and a bit of Chinese plus some very basic Romanian and Ukrainian.

After we met and have travelled together across Asia the money ran out, so we decided to stop in China for a while and three years later here we are: renting a really nice place, building itineraries, planning private trips and tea tours, booking tickets and not only drinking but also selling our favorite teas.  As you can see, both of us have change our occupation completely over the years, and we keep searching and evolving. There are still so many ideas, plans and projects to work on! We have a list))

We like it and we do it well, hope to help you in you own trip with itinerary, guidance, advice, booking train tickets etc

Good luck and see you soon 8)